Letter to the Earth and Other Poems

This collection is a mini-pamphlet’s worth, written following an initial invitation to take part in Culture Declares Emergency’s Bath event, in the Spring of 2019. Culture Declares Emergency is a movement of institutions and individuals declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

I wrote two poems, Letter to the Earth – which I would read aloud in Walcot Chapel – and What if? by the time of the Bath event; and On Waterloo Bridge, on the eve of Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion in the Spring of 2019, which I had by that time decided I would take part in. Established in the UK, Extinction Rebellion is an institution organising individuals seeking government action on the climate and ecological emergency.

I wrote the remainder in two separate periods in 2019, and 2020. The 2019 sequence was ‘Highly Commended’ in Red Line Art Works’ Annual Awards in 2019. 

Follow the links below to access the poems, presented here in reverse chronological order.

This Be Not the Verse

Postcard from Absent Mothers and Fathers

Regina v Oates

If Not Now

Two Words of Advice

What if?

Letter to the Earth