Regina v Oates

We met in April last year Regina.
You wore blue.
I wore beige. 
You said there was nothing to worry about;
Bade me move from where I stood;
Then arrested me, 
You asked me for my personal details, Regina;
Put my things in a bag; 
Tried to ID my phone. 
You said it was to see whether it was stolen; 
Asked whether I was dependent on any substances,
And smiled when I said,
You locked me in a cell, Regina,
On a school-gym blue mat,
Opposite an excrement caked seatless toilet.
You said that's nothing to worry about
When I heard a young man's cries - and banging - not being attended to; 
And brought me ready-meal and water, 
And Watership Down. 
You probed inside my mouth, Regina,
For my DNA;
Took fingerprints and photographs. 
You said there was someone here to see me; 
Gave me pills for sunstroke and stomach; 
And released me under investigation, 
Around midnight.
We met again, in August, Regina.
You wore navy, or grey, or black. 
I wore grey.
You said little to me on that occasion, 
Beyond acknowledging my plea;
Comporting yourself badly, for a court of law; 
And convicting several like me.
We met twice more in December, Regina.
Your dress was the same. 
So was mine.
You said the causal nexus was too weak to support a defence of necessity;
Asked whether I had heard Jonathan Freedland on Radio 4;
And convicted my fellow defendants
And me.
I did not appeal your verdict, Regina.
Likely unsound,
My advice was you'd not decide on legal grounds. 
You said you'd not punish me without further offence,
Imposed costs, 
Victim surcharge, 
And a record hence.
I saw footage of you on television this year, Regina.
You wore pink, 
Or some pastel shade, I think.
I know you said 'We'll meet again.'
Well we might o'er the 65,000 more than usual you've killed, year to date. 
For them, the causal nexus was stronger;
The reform of your character - still outstanding - too late.