The Earth System and How It Works

This exhibition presents the Earth System and its basic architecture and workings. A selection of images and objects is used, each with commentary, to give a sense of the major Earth System reservoirs, contents, and processes. 

Materials comprise 16 lightweight easels, 16 colour satellite, aerial and on-the-ground mounted photographs*, and accompanying notices, a makeshift plinth and customised globe indicating some major biomes. These are best arranged in a circle around or behind the plinth and globe, so as to reinforce the sense of cyclical processes for the audience.

*Images from a personal collection sourced in a number of books : Alistair Fothergill (2006) Planet Earth; Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2007) The Earth from the Air; Phaidon (2002) Heaven and Earth; Bernhard Edmaier and Angelika Jung-Huttl (2014) EarthART; National Geographic (2013) Visions of Earth; Tim Peake (2016) Hello, is this Planet Earth?