Exhibitions and Presentations

Presented below are a number of exhibitions and a presentation, each intended for a lay audience, in which I introduce the Earth System and the Human System, and our situation.

Exhibitions can be staged outdoors or indoors according to requirements. Presentations will be given online. Bespoke exhibitions or presentations may be possible. Contact me to discuss your requirements. I will be piloting street exhibitions in accordance with public health guidelines from Autumn 2020.  


The Earth System and How it Works 

This exhibition presents the Earth System and its basic architecture and workings. A selection of images and objects is used, each with commentary, to give a sense of the major Earth System reservoirs, contents, and processes. 

16 colour satellite, aerial and on-the-ground photographs and objects including a globe, terrarium, and igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock specimens

The Human System and How it Works 

Forcings and Feedbacks 



Our Situation