Monday 27th June 2022

Morning Up 08 30. Breakfast : orange juice; yogurt with honey; coffee; muesli (dairy milk); toast with butter. Accompanied friend to doctor’s surgery and supermarket. Afternoon Lunch : chicken soup with tapioca. Strikes seem in offing at Royal Mail. Tired. Spent time with friend. Tea : water with lemon; cherries; peach. Helped neighbours renovate boulodrome. […]

Statement w/c 27 June 2022

Health & Beauty Male; 48 years old; (H) 1.90 m; 95 kg. Possibly neurologically diverse (unassessed). Moderate anxiety; moderate depression. Monitoring possible digestive and urological issues following GP visit (not thought pathological); sundry other issues. Home Tenant (shorthold assured tenancy) of unfurnished 30m2 studio apartment in Bath (UK) at £19.83 per square meter. Neither building […]

Sunday 26th June 2022

Morning Up 09 00. Difficult dreams. Breakfast : orange juice; banana; coffee; muesli (dairy milk). Worked on RR collections. Elevenses : coffee; madeleines. Did laundry; cleaning, dusting, hoovering and mopping floors en bas. Afternoon Lunch : spanish omelette; green salad. Continued working as above. Joined friend and neighbours at neighbourhood barbecue, returning for dessert. Evening […]

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