Friday 9th September 2022

Morning Up 08 30. Difficult dreams. Congestion; headache. Works at front of building. Breakfast : coffee; muesli (almond milk). Buzz at door : delivery for neighbour who answered as I did. Put bins out. Frustrated at seeing tweets by ‘follows’ of those I follow. Laundry on. Decided do away with old socks most of which […]

Thursday 8th September 2022

Morning Up 07 15. Congestion. Breakfast : coffee; muesli (almond milk). Metropolitan Police shot dead unarmed black man. Fracking lawful again. Prepared for appointments. Met WC at Pinesgate (DWP). Reviewed progress and discussed Jobs Fair, indicating last time attended fair spoke to representatives of Civil Service and HMRC who had referred me to websites. WC […]

Wednesday 7th September 2022

Morning Up 08 30. Disturbed 04 45 by what sounded like impact on bathroom window. Difficult dreams. Congestion. Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (almond milk). Rent freeze announced in Scotland. Spoke friend. Went to bathroom and showered. Scaffolding contractors rang at door asking whether knew how move cars on forecourt. Worked on LFE. Elevenses […]

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