Welcome to my website.

Following Dr Marx, and others, my work aims are to understand the world (well enough), to help to change it, and to satisfy my creative/aesthetic inclinations in so doing. I aim to understand the present, projected and alternative futures, and the past, and to communicate a basic, practical understanding about current affairs and the natural world to interested (lay) persons.

My work is mostly organised in projects which are listed in the site menu, each contributing to achievement of these aims in some way. One, Letter from England, is conceived as continuous, though it will remain in development for a good while; the rest, whether major efforts like The Naked Socialist or Regional Rides, or more modest contributions, are ad hoc, with some still in progress and some completed. Each project is introduced on a dedicated page. I have elected to present the Centre project separately as it concerns development of an institution/establishment rather than writing or media production.

Outside of projects, I curate a Library of works that have contributed to my understanding/enjoyment, and include a list of institutions and persons I follow as sources of news and analysis.


If you can consider funding institutions or individuals directly, I would be very grateful for your support. Income received will go toward my living costs and project expenses up to a limit. For the moment, I am using Patreon. All content will remain accessible to the public via the website and other services as far as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions. Use the link and contact details below.


I am a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems.

My formal education was in social science (BSc Economics & Politics; MSc International Public Policy Analysis).

I am currently live alone in Bath, in south west England, in the UK.


jonathanoates74 [at] gmail.com

+44 (0) 7494 547 953