Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is a collection of postcards presenting images of disaster resulting from extreme weather including storms, floods, drought, landslips, wildfires and more from around the world.

The postcards have not been exhibited at the time of writing except for a photograph.

Each card is a stock postcard covered by a print of a press or other documentary photograph. The reverse is blank except for address lines, stamp boxes and text boxes which are covered in copy and graphics from a travel company brochure.

I was left with a good deal of unused photographic material following completion of The Earth System and How It Works and preparation for a possible sequel. Since writing Postcard from Absent Mothers and Fathers, I had been considering a work of some kind in the format. The images were cut to size and glued to new stock, purchased locally : I felt I needed to obscure the original text and barcode on the reverse. A Trailfinders brochure had arrived at the time, and it occurred to me to cut and paste various text and graphic assets from the brochure for verisimilitude, and more.

The collection can be viewed in the Gallery.