The Road to Norfolk



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I’ve pulled over at the side of the road …. I’m actually on the wrong side of the road, in the fens. I think I’m just outside South Holland. You can see why it’s called South Holland : it’s flat as a pancake, round here. Immediately, you can see dykes. I crossed over an extremely large dyke earlier. There’s an awful lot of agriculture going on … every other lorry is carrying agricultural equipment. There are loads of tractors on the road … there’s loads of produce on the road … potatoes just went past … a truckload of cale …. The field I have stopped next to is busy with pickers, a mixture of people and – looks like a field of brassicas of some sort – a mixture of people and equipment … large pallets moving around … towers of pallets on forklifts I guess … but a substantial workforce, still …. probably migrant labour to judge by what people have been saying around here. It’s very .. seemingly very windy. I’ll have to check today but since leaving Lincoln or the Lincoln area to get here, it’s been a struggle to keep the bike pointing in a straight line. Every time a lorry goes by, because you are leaning into the wind just to go in a straight line, all sorts of wonderful things happen. So, pretty uncomfortable. It’s also quite cold. I am not buying the reading of 16 degrees C air temperature that my bike is telling me. I think that must be warmed by the engine.