Ten Views : South West England

Ten Views presents selected views of each of the twelve regions of the United Kingdom as captured during a motorcycle roadtrip in the autumn of 2017. The collection is part of the Regional Rides project.


A tailback on the A30. A traffic accident on what remains mostly single carriageway interrupted my progress toward Bodelva, Cornwall.

The two greenhouses of the Eden Trust’s Eden Project in their setting : a regenerated clay pit. The gardens were a natural starting point for a tour of the United Kingdom, and South West England within it.


A member of staff at work in the rainforest biome. Twenty years after its establishment, the Trust employs some 500 people.


Motor vehicle traffic threads its way through the narrow streets of Totnes, Devon. The small town is home to the Transition Towns Movement; the local group published what may be the first Energy Descent Action Plan (for the district).

Mist descends on Dartmoor, drained by the Dart whose course I followed up from Totnes. Nervous that my bike would stall – it had cut out near Ashburton – I rode as fast as conditions allowed to overnight accommodation on the moor.

South Bristol terraced housing along a street given largely to motor vehicle access and parking. I spent a reasonably comfortable night here on a sofa belonging to a friend’s landlord, getting some much needed rest.


The Wills Memorial building on Park Street. I parked midway down the street, a short walk to College Green, the venue for a rally and march by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

A small number of the many groups and persons who assembled for the rally and march, by Bristol Cathedral. I managed to speak to Anne Lemon, a senior official in the National Union of Teachers (now National Education Union), and member of the Socialist Workers Party which had a stall at the event.

Mounted police bring up the rear of the march en-route to Broadmead.

Some of those near the rear including the small but vocal Momentum Bristol contingent.