Second Letter to Headteachers

11th March 2019

Dear Headteacher,


We are writing to you again, ahead of the scheduled Global Strike on 15th March to reiterate our support for all local pupils taking action as part of this now global movement. We refer you to the UK Student Climate Network for details :

It is an extraordinary thing to see our children leading us to safety.

We ask you to facilitate their participation. We believe such pupils should be commended; certainly they should not face any sanction or punishment for taking action.

It now appears that Bath and North East Somerset Council will declare a Climate Emergency on 14th March. The action taken to date by our children has contributed significantly to the movement of local authorities. Similarly, with our Council now being tasked to make plans to deliver carbon neutrality by 2030, it is very important that citizens and especially our children are encouraged to actively participate in developing its response to the emergency situation.

Please let us know if we can help you, your staff, governors, parents, or pupils in any way.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Oates for the Bath and North East Somerset Green Party