Regional Rides : the Podcast Series

Presented here is Regional Rides : the Podcast Series. Recalling William Cobbett’s Rural Rides, this 12-part series documents a 2,500 mile, 36-day road trip around the twelve regions of the United Kingdom, undertaken in the autumn of 2017. Presented are a selection of voice memos, other sounds, and excerpts of conversations with a variety of people, including academics and scientists, members of political parties, trade unions, protestors, whistleblowers and others, either visited or encountered along the way. Follow the first link below to find the series on SoundCloud. Alternatively, search for “Regional Rides” on Apple Podcasts.

Regional Rides

South West England | Wales | West Midlands | North West England | Northern Ireland | Scotland | North East England | Yorkshire and the Humber | East Midlands | East of England | London | South East England