Regional Rides

Recalling William Cobbett’s Rural Rides, Regional Rides is, to date, a 12-part podcast/audio series and photographic archive documenting my 2,500 mile, 36-day motorcycle road trip around the twelve regions of the United Kingdom, undertaken in the autumn of 2017.


The series is intended to convey a sense both of my progress around the country and the state of things at this point in the history of human life on Earth.

Each episode has the same structure. In the introduction, the itinerary of each of the three days spent in the region is described, along with the particulars of the institutions, persons, and places encountered, or visited. The main part of the programme has three corresponding segments, each of which begins with my own voice memos and other sound recordings made on the day, followed by the voice or voices of the subjects. The programme closes with acknowledgements and other details. Running time is approximately 45 minutes.

Featured are conversations with senior academic and professional natural and social scientists; members of political parties (the Green Party of England and Wales, the Labour Party, and the Socialist Workers Party); members of trade unions; officers of third sector institutions; a preeminent whistleblower; and others including a variety of public and private sector workers, and two homeless people, apparently rough sleeping.

The series was produced using a smartphone and a digital handy recorder, and post produced using Audacity, open source audio editing software. It is accessible on SoundCloud, and via Apple Podcasts.


Thousands of photographs – landscapes, scenes, portraits, and still life – were taken during the road trip, using the same smartphone. A selection is accessible on Flickr.

A book manuscript may be prepared in due course, following completion of other work.