This library is a catalogue of works or links to works that have contributed to my understanding/enjoyment and which I would recommend to those seeking guidance. It is a personal catalogue of the sort I imagine I would have benefited from as my thirst for knowledge started to develop. As such, it reflects my biography in as much as items are largely English Language items, with a preponderance of British or English works to boot. I shall edit the catalogue over time as I become aware of new material or sources, or as I change my mind about the nature of the list or titles included. I shall also try to add a note of explanation to each item, if not a review proper, in due course.

Film, Television and Radio

Historical Drama

  • Richardson, T., 1968, The Charge of the Light Brigade, London : Woodfall Film Productions
  • Brownlow, K. & Mollo, A., 1975, Winstanley, London : BFI Productions
  • Kubrick, S., 1960, Spartacus, Beverly Hills : Bryna Productions

Other Drama

  • Jackson, M. 1984, Threads, London : BBC, Nine Network, Western World Television Inc


  • Faulkner, N.,2018, A Radical History of the World, London : Pluto Press
  • Harman, C., 2008, A People’s History of the World, London : Verso
  • Lenton, T., 2016, Earth System Science : A Very Short Introduction, Oxford : Oxford University Press