Letter to stop the coup





2nd September 2019

Dear fellow democrats,

Parliament returns tomorrow, with less than a week to run before the scheduled prorogation.

Her Majesty’s Government has clearly transgressed as regards what is
acceptable in our political culture.

HMG made itself ipso facto immediately illegitimate as soon as it did this.

It has not resigned or been removed from power as yet. Its members ought to be barred from the House of Commons, and public office, in disgrace, without delay.

Action by parliament and the people not aiming at or resulting in this
outcome this week, risks legitimising, by letting go, an offending
government and offending behaviour that have no place in our – or any
– democracy.

Allowing such a government to dissolve parliament, on its own terms, and for the same members to contest a General Election, as though they are legitimate actors, is not an appropriate course of events.

Bona fide parliamentarians now have an opportunity to act accordingly.

So does, through whatever peaceful means prove necessary, the people.

Yours faithfully,
Jonathan Oates