Introduction 5


Yorick, my crash helmet

The book has a tripartite structure. In each part, I narrate the events of a third of the roadtrip – amounting to four regions per part, or twelve days of the thirty-six – establishing, along the way, my view on each of the three questions in turn – where we are; where we ought to go; and how we can get there – on the basis of the arguments and evidence considered. Each chapter takes on a region, or three days, and a part of the argument. Whilst the structure of each chapter can be said to follow Cobbett’s scheme, inasmuch as the section headings identify, more or less, the journey undertaken each day, each begins with an overview of the region, featuring two maps : one showing the present-day pattern of land use, and the course taken through the region; and one a suggested pattern of land use as at 2043. What this shows is properly the subject of the first and second parts; why it is shown twenty-five years hence, the third. The relevant arguments will be introduced in outline here though. Each chapter will also be illustrated with my own photographs, some twinned with artist’s – i.e my own – impressions of the same view or scene, again, as at 2043, as well as such figures, charts, tables, and third party images as I believe it helpful to include. A concluding chapter reviews the whole. I have also included several Appendices of useful material, along with Notes, References, and an Index. What I hope this all goes to show, is that, by taking Arms against the Sea, outrageous fortune will find its quiver emptied, or near enough, and we can minimise – if not end – the heart-ache. Bon voyage.



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