How we got here

‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. 1958

The first of our species – homo sapiens – evolved in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, over 100,000 years ago. The Earth System our ancestors inherited is some 400,000 times older – at over 4 billion years old, just over a third of the age of the cosmos. The crust of the Earth had already taken on its basic, presentday structure, by the time our footprints appeared, but, globally, coastlines were very different to those of today, with mean sea level falling and rising by more than one hundred metres with the extension and recession of the cryosphere during the glacials and interglacials of the Earth’s (ongoing) Fourth Ice Age. The Earth System was one nevertheless fit for humans, with a biosphere and ecology similarly having its presentday structure.

Figure 2.1 Earth System and Human System Indicators time series 100,000 years (Population)

Something like 95% of human history is our prehistory, during which time our ancestors migrated to every corner of the planet. The Human System came to be geographically extensive then, but not unitary, with, by modern standards, small local communities living in isolation from (and ignorance of) each other, and adapting gradually to the great variety of local conditions, producing the various branches and cultural-linguistic groups  of our family. For most of the recent past – the 5% or so for which we have written, historical records – the Human System has been a ‘Live and Let Die’ System, with different classes experiencing and made to experience different conditions of life. It is only in the last 500 years (less than 1% of human history to date) that the system has assumed a unitary global extent however, and, with our changing technology, and the ‘Great Acceleration’, a capacity to permanently affect the Earth System.

Figure 2.2 Earth System and Human System Indicators time series 1500 – present (Population by material condition; Land use; Extraction/Production/Wastes)

That we live in a ‘Live and Let Die’ system and that there are existential threats to human life on Earth is well understood by our institutions, and by the minority of ultra high net worth and high net worth individuals directing them. States have taken some steps – for example, the recent UNGA resolution on forwarding multilateral nuclear disarmament; and the annual Conferences of the Parties since 1994 under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – but overall have not moved to change the basic architecture of a system responsible for widespread immiseration and premature death, and for transforming the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and causing the sixth mass extinction in the history of life (which, on the present course, will include us). On the contrary, the major corporations and states of the world, and moneyed classes, have continued to pursue a fossil-fuel powered, neoliberal globalisation  and militarisation, domestically and overseas, actively opposing change, using a variety of legal and illegal means. The response of the middle, low net worth, and ultra low net worth peoples of the world, together with the dissident elements of the better off, has been inadequate to date, including continued use, operation, and maintenance of the system.

Box 2.1 A Brief History of Consciousness



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