How to get there


The Emergency Transition can be considered as having two phases : the current, conflicted, one in which the majority of individuals and institutions (states, and corporations) are either failing to respond or are actively trying to prevent it; and the second, in which the majority of individuals, and the major institutions come together, behind it. It is in this second phase that the major transformations of institutional and physical structure, and of land use required, will likely be undertaken by our larger institutions – our states themselves, and corporations, able to invest on the scale required, given state direction, support, guarantees, and the like. We must therefore progress from the first phase to the second in as little time as possible.

In the first phase, meanwhile, plans for the large scale transformations of institutions and physical structures need to be drawn up, by states, corporations, and other institutions, whilst institutions and individuals who are opposing the Emergency Transition, and which/who may therefore not be considered decent, must be removed from power by concerted action in the community and at places of work. A suggested list of actions which need to be taken both collectively and individually is shown in Box 4.1.

Box 4.1 Concerted action to achieve the goals of the Emergency Transition Phase 1

in the community :

households/individuals cease behaviour which is not decent (see Box 3.1)

households/individuals protest weekly at designated sites; read and distribute Decency & Survival; write to heads of state (e.g. HMQEII) / executive (e.g. No 10; Cabinet Office; Head of Civil Service) / legislative (e.g. Speaker of Parliament; MPs) & judicial branches of government; write to the major business and labour associations; write to the editors of major broadcast and print media)

households/individuals protect the Earth System and vulnerable individuals from further harm through decent direct action

at work  :

institutions/individuals cease behaviour which is not decent (see Box 3.1)

states, corporations, other institutions draw up plans for Phase 2

institutions and individuals protest (daily) at places of work, write to above plus Executive Officers and Senior Managers, take industrial action

states (police; security services; military; judiciary; and prison services ) write to above, refuse to use force against, harass, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate decent protestors and protectors

The successful completion of the first phase requires action by a critical mass of us – possibly from all five groups.The divisions that have long characterised the ‘Live and Let Die’ system have to be overcome.  Those toward the top of the distribution must recognise the immediate change required, their historical responsibility, and the injustices suffered by the majority. Those in the higher, middle and lower income groups must cease acting against each other (e.g. in police action against protestors and protectors). The majority must, in turn, allow people to redeem themselves. The best of our traditions – and our survival as a species – requires it.