Above Part of the sea defences at Whitby Harbour Below A visitor captures the beach at Scarborough

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Far left Banner advertising ‘Happy Hour’ – 12 to 6pm- inside the Britannia Hotel Left Nick at work for UNICEF’s Emergency Response Team


Above A homeless woman and her dog Below left Scarborough town houses

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Left Corrie in South Bank, York Below Off to school in the streets around the site of the Terry’s chocolate factory which closed in 2005

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Far left The Shambles in York city centre Left A folk musician at work in a Members’ Club, in Headingley, Leeds  20170930_155350

Above A map of Evolution, part of the Advanced Manufacturing Park outside Sheffield

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Far left The Peace Garden in Sheffield city centre Left The town hall with Yorkshire House beyond Below A wedding party dines in the Winter Garden complex

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Far left and left At play and at work inside the Winter Garden Below A few pines struggle against concrete, steel, and glass


Below left ‘Football’s on!’ Saturday afternoon in a pub Below right One of Caffe Nero Ltd’s 800 plus coffee houses

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Above Yorkshire House; the city centre – and the people of Sheffield – featured in the BBC’s 1984 (co)production of Barry Hines’ Threads

20170930_185200   20171001_103441Far left One of the thousands of mature, roadside trees destroyed or targeted for destruction by Sheffield City Council Left Pudsey Bear, the mascot of BBC Children in Need, in one of Welcome Break’s 27 motorway services sites