Highlights West Midlands


008 WM Shrewsbury Doug

Above Doug, homeless, in Shrewsbury  009 WM Shrewsbury Board

Above Fly-posting on a boarded up façade Below Rush hour in the Birmingham area en route to Stratford-upon-Avon

014 WM Road to Stratford 3

Below Schoolchildren on the way to school in Stratford-upon-Avon

018 WM Stratford School Kids   022 WM Stratford Hogs

Above Carcasses being delivered Below Some of the many period buildings in the town

021 WM Stratford Old Buildings 2

Below A high street on one of the main roads into Birmingham from the South

031 WM Birmingham folk

Below South Birmingham tower blocks  026 WM Birmingham Blocks

Below Graffiti on the façade of a construction site for ‘Luxury Apartments’ in Digbeth

039 WM Birmingham Connaught Square

Below A retailer of second hand clothing and accessories in Birmingham City Centre

042 WM Birmingham Credit Crunchers

Below The ‘Tree of Life’ memorial to those in Birmingham who died during the Blitz  070 WM birmingham sculpture hands   071 WM birmingham tourist

Above A visitor takes a photo

051 WM Birmingham New Street Arrivals

Above People emerging from Grand Central Station Below A derelict site in the East of Birmingham 073 WM Birmingham Corbyn Palestine Wall

Below ‘Textiles’ and ‘Bargains’ on offer in a side street

081 WM Birmingham Shops

Below Evidence of the industrial action in progress against Birmingham City Council   084 WM birmingham Bins 4

Below Chief in Sparkhill 086 WM birmingham chief   093 WM birmingham new high rise

Above and Below Some of the new high rise buildings around Birmingham City University  092 WM Birmingham folk 3

Below Field systems and a Shropshire hill between road and sky Bottom A CND flag flying at a South Shropshire home

098 WM Road to Walcot   103 WM CND flag