Highlights South West


007 SW Eden Proj Biomes

Above The Eden Project site at Bodelva, Cornwall 020 SW Eden Proj Tom

Above Tom at work in the Rainforest Biome Below Olea Europaea in the Mediterranean Biome 028 SW Eden Proj Olive tree

Below Some of the independent local retailers to be found in Totnes, Devon

048 SW Totnes Indy Businesses

Below A man begging outside the offices of an independent financial advisor

049 SW Totnes IFA and begging

Below Cars – two fossil fuel powered, and one electric – dominate a street

051 SW Totnes Cars

055 SW Dartmoor

Above Mist and rain descend on Dartmoor at dusk Below Mayor of Frome, Sheila Gore, in the Rye Bakery

058 SW Frome Sheila

062 SW Bristol Mural 1

Above One of many fine murals to be found around Bristol, host city of Upfest, a street art festival

072 SW Bristol Cars

Above A South Bristol street Below A floor decoration in Bristol Harbour

069 SW Bristol River Avon

Below Particulars in a window aimed at passing students and their parents

074 SW Bristol Digs.Bristol

077 SW Bristol Banksy

Above Pedestrians pass a famous piece by Banksy, under inspection Below Cyclists make their way through people starting to gather for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity rally, around College Green

085 SW bristol PAAA Cyclists through crowd

Below The People’s Assembly Against Austerity marches away from College Green, and into Broadmead, the shopping centre

095 SW Bristol PAAA March 1   101 SW Bristol PAAA March Motorist complains

104 SW Bristol PAAA March Twd Broadmead 2   107 SW Bristol PAAA March Momentum 2

111 SW Bristol PAAA Part Two Greens

Above Members of the Bristol Green Party (foreground) listen to the second round of speeches on College Green