Above The aftermath of torrential rainfall and flooding, still visible, in Drumahoe, County Londonderry


Above Yorick and the VFR at the Altahullion Wind Farm  20170919_144614

Above A schematic on the site seemingly marked by airgun pellets


Above The main road from Derry to Belfast Below The Peace Wall in the Belfast City Backpacker Hostel


Below A primary school party makes its way past The Botanic Inn in Queen’s Quarter, Belfast


Above A poster in Queen’s University  20170920_111750

Above Sterling notes as issued in Northern Ireland by Ulster Bank Limited, Bank of Ireland, and Danske Bank


Above An official of HM Revenue & Customs has words with a local or two


Above List of Emigrants to America 1600-1700, one of many tomes in the Linen Hall Library  20170920_134801

Above Poster for ‘Protest Against Health Cuts’ Below A message for motorists

20170920_134914 20170920_153952

Above Banner inside the Belfast office of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions    20170920_155934

Above The famous ICTU mural and statue of James Larkin


Above A billboard drawing attention to human trafficking, much of which is for forced labour Below Belfast’s City Hall

20170921_120205 20170921_125342

Above UNISON members at the Rally Against the Two Child Cap and Rape Clause on Causeway Exchange  20170921_133004

Above Louise Kennedy of Women’s Aid after her speech Below A section of the crowd


Above Poster advertising a charity Father Ted quiz  20170921_150729

Above Errant no more? Below Some of the shipping containers at Belfast Harbour which handles 70% of Northern Ireland’s seaborne trade