Above One of the many ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ stickers printed – and applied – across the country, here in Chester

20170916_135920   20170916_140316

Far left and left Some of the smartly turned out men and women in the city centre, likely on their way to the races


Above Four men on a bench, three of whom seem diverted by something

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Above Some of the retailers located near the former site of the bus station Far left Callum in Chester Market Left A woman takes the weight off her feet, as invited

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Above A Metrolink tram passes before Manchester Piccadilly railway station Far left A young Deliveroo cyclist in traffic Left Two officers of the Greater Manchester Police


Above The M62 Below left Two locals with their grocery shopping Below right Disused but secured land with new development beyond

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Below A substantial digital billboard advertising Nuffield Health


Below People walk by a man apparently rough sleeping

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Far left and left People negotiate spaces dominated by corporate interests Below Josh at Maple Farm Nursery, now an anti-fracking camp, on the Preston New Road

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Far left Michelle and Christina pose in autumn sunshine at the Beach House, Blackpool Left The Tower, also on the seafront


Above The Liver Building, Cunard Building, and Port of Liverpool Building, as seen from Liverpool’s Albert Dock Below left Fossil fuel distribution Below right One of the less notable lakes in Cumbria, outside Tebay Services (Northbound) at Orton

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