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Far left A Berwick street dressed for the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival Left The extensive coffee list in an independent cafe


Above Ruins on the Isle of Lindisfarne off the Northumberland coast Below A fine mural depicting writers past in Barter Books, Alnwick

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Far left The sun has yet to break through early morning mist, en route to Ashington from Walkmills Left ‘Bed & Brexit Ensuite’


Above Miners’ homes in Ashington, Northumberland Below left and right The main road and a side street

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Below The pitheads at a closed colliery; Ashington was a centre of the coal industry


Above and below left North East Organic Growers’ site near Bedlington

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Left Phil of North East Organic Growers Below A memorial to the builders of Hadrian’s Wall, and Tyneside beyond, at Wallsend


Below A pawnbroker begins, or ends, a parade of shops

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Far left A midrange motorboat moored before the Gateshead Millennium Bridge Left and Below Newcastle by night


Below A variety of people outside one of Tesco plc’s 3,400 plus stores

20170927_130158   20170927_144527  20170927_161015Far left Johannes, in Durham city centre, who seems to have posed before Left A statue in Miners’ Hall, Redhills Below The headquarters of the Durham Miners’ Association whose annual Miners’ Gala attracts in the order of 100,000 people