Above The entrance to Bruce Grove, in Tottenham, Haringey Below Eastbound traffic; the roads to central London were not clear for long

20171007_124338   20171007_160840   20171007_164236

Far left The calling cards of prostitutes in a central London phone box Left The statue of Gandhi in Westminster Square, with a line of riot vans beyond

20171007_17001520171007_181436   20171008_131144

Above Some of the wreaths left on Westminster Bridge by members of the Football Lads Alliance Far left Not in a good place, at Piccadilly Circus Left A square in North Woolwich, Newham


Above Two (physical) models of urban residential housing : one too high, one insufficiently dense and dominated by motor vehicles

20171008_140603   20171008_140642

Far left Borough Market, in Southwark, the scene, like Westminster Bridge, and Manchester Arena in Northwest England, of recent terrorist attacks Left The Shard, largely owned by the State of Qatar


Above Members of We Make Change make their way past the South Bank skate park Below The view eastward from the Coca Cola London Eye

20171008_163335 20171009_110832   20171009_123937

Far left The obvious conflict between pedestrian and motorist in a Chelsea street Left and below City of London workers at lunchtime


Below The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, or Bank of England, issuer in the Pound Sterling system of central bank money qua central bank reserves, and notes and coins

20171009_131542 20171009_130036   20171009_132544

Far left London buses make their way toward the Gherkin Left A public convenience in Aldermanbury


Above A mention of the progress of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, in Whitehall, which opposes it Below A view towards a protest – just visible here beyond the security wall outside the Palace of Westminster – opposing Brexit

20171009_141801 20171009_173013   20171009_173731

Far left Rough sleeping on the Embankment Left Cyclists enjoy the lane at their disposal, along the Thames