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Far left An example of the sort of drainage system used to maintain the Fens Left The NHS in action, here attending a faller in King’s Lynn, Norfolk


Above A family habadashery business Below left A hoarding at Ecotricity’s Green Britain Centre in Swaffham, apparently now closed Below right Works at one of Royal Dutch Shell plc’s 44,000 service stations worldwide

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Below The desk of an employee at ITV plc’s ITV Anglia in Norwich

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Above left and right, and below Members of the RMT on the Greater Anglia picket line


Below Intended additions to Britain’s fossil fuel powered fleet on a forecourt outside Cambridge

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Far left A selection of red wine from France in an independent wine merchant Left The window display of a gentleman’s outfitter Below A number of professionals on the move Below left A police car in a hurry

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Above right An escape room : a bricks and mortar version of a genre of video game

20171005_174102 Above An example of the grand buildings and grounds belonging to the colleges of the University of Cambridge Below Widespread bicycle use may outlast the rush hour

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Far left Old Chelmsford, Essex Left A new development by Wilkin & Sons Ltd, owner of the Tiptree brand


Above The new Bond Street complex Below left Attendees of a commercial art gallery early evening viewing Below right An inn on the road to the M11 – and London – from the village of Aythorpe Roding

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