The project galleries bring together original photographs, captured during my 36-day road-trip around the main part of the United Kingdom, with mapping, plans, sections, and artist’s (my) impressions of the UK and its twelve regions, and the wider world, both as it is now, and as I imagine it could be in the year 2043. The various material is organised in collections. Each features a gallery – 2043 – in which present day reality and a possible future twenty five years hence are presented and compared. The National and Regional collections include a selection of original images to boot : portraits, I hope, needs no explanation; highlights, on the other hand, refers to the road-trip as a whole, or the relevant 3-day section of it. As such, whilst certain of the material is featured in Regional Rides, the galleries can equally be browsed quite separately. I hope to complete the respective collections as I work my way through Regional Rides over the rest of the year.


  • The World 2043


  • Portraits | The United Kingdom 2043