This directory is a list of some bulletins, newsletters and other media output. Like the Library, it is a personal selection which reflects my biography in as much as items are largely English Language items, with all presenting or publishing in the English language. I shall edit the catalogue over time. I shall also try to add a note of explanation to each item.

Bulletins & Reviews (Listening and Viewing)

  • Daily Round Up (People’s Dispatch)
  • Economic Update (Democracy at Work)
  • Geopolitical Economy Report (Geopolitical Economy Report)
  • Give the People What They Want (People’s Dispatch)
  • Headlines (Democracy Now!)
  • Macrodose


  • Progressive International
  • Tricontinental Institute

Other Listening and Viewing

  • A World To Win
  • Bad Faith
  • The Chris Hedges Report (The Real News Network)