Conversation with Chris

JO: Sorry, what was your name?

CN: Chris … Chris Nelms … and it’s Riverside Refugee Community Kitchen.

JO: Riverside Refugee Community Kitchen. And that’s a local organisation?

CN: We link with RCK which is the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais

JO: ok

CN: … so every penny that we raise here gets transferred straight away to the Calais kitchens …

JO: that’s brilliant …

CN: … to buy food for refugees …

JO: … and I’m talking to you in the Riverside Sunday Market at Cardiff

CN: that’s right. We’re here every Sunday from 10am to 2pm …

JO: and you’re selling plants ….

CN: Pat propagates all the plants, makes the crafts, and builds the stall, and I just talk. So, I do the easy bit. She does all the work and I do the easy bit.

JO: I don’t think that’s easy. You’re very good at it.

CN: It’s great. But it’s lovely, like a community, and we’re here every week, and so far, since last August, we’ve sent over £8,000 to Calais.

JO: … brilliant.

CN: … and [ ] we don’t have to pay for the stall and we get regular people who come to help us and contribute as well … they do help with sales and all kinds of things …

JO: great stuff

CN: and we’ve got a lovely network of very caring people around us

JO: they are out there, aren’t they?

CN: They are and there’s lots of us.

JO: soon, they’ll be putting their foot down …

CN: honestly … you know … the thing is love is quiet and compassionate … it’s hate is what shouts and makes a fuss … we just get on with it … you know

JO: well, I’m kind of hoping that good is going to drive out bad

CN: I think we all hope that and in the meantime, we’re just doing what we can

JO: great, thanks very much

CN: it’s a great pleasure …we meet the most wonderful people …