Conversation with Anne 2 of 5

081 SW Bristol PAAA SW choosing placard

The Socialist Workers Party stall at the edge of College Green.

107 SW Bristol PAAA March Momentum 2

Members of Momentum Bristol and the West of England on the march.

JO: Are you buoyed by what’s happening there?

AL: I’m very buoyed by it. I’m not a member of the Labour Party. I’m a member of the Socialist Workers Party. But I’m very buoyed by what’s happened with Jeremy Corbyn and the response to real socialist politics. Once, I think we’ve seen, people have been given a real alternative, they choose it. Unfortunately, under previous Labour governments, there was no left alternative. It was just another shade of conservatism.

JO: I mean I’m not … in the sense I am not a Labour Party member either, I actually chose to join the Greens in the end …

AL: yes

JO: as I thought they were outflanking Labour on the economy and on social issues, let alone on ecological issues … so I’m worrying that a lot of people might think just voting Labour is enough when actually the Labour Party has historically always been a rather mixed bag.

AL: It is a mixed bag … definitely what people have voted for is the left of that mixed bag ….


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