Cardiff Sam 3

048 W Brecon Beacons Monopoly Wales Version

017 W Cardiff vacantJO: I personally just feel it’s a right … an adult … any age really … “Congratulations! You are a citizen. Here is your home.”

S: yes

JO: It may be modest. And ecologically sound, of course …

S: there are so many buildings out here that just don’t get used for anything. So, why not … even if it’s just a training thing or something …. getting used to doing something with it because otherwise … there are buildings that have been here for 30 years just not being used … what is the point in that?

JO: in Cardiff?

S: yes …. literally

JO: is that all over the town? Or are there particular areas?

S: All around. In the Valleys. You get it around here as well. Like Queen Street. Have you been to Queen Street? There’s quite a lot of buildings above shops that are just not being used.

JO: Just sitting there vacant …

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