Brum Victoria 1

039 WM Birmingham Connaught Square

I N   C O N V E R S A T I O N

059 WM birmingham SelfridgesVictoria at Suqqu, in Selfridges, Birmingham

JO: I’m here in the Selfridges at the Bullring with ….

V: Victoria

JO: Victoria … who works for …

V: Suqqu

JO: I’m glad you can pronounce that as I can’t. I was just asking you to show me where I would find in this Selfridges the most expensive items you think are sold.

V: I would definitely say go to Floor 4. You can get watches. You can handbags.

JO: And not just any old watch, no?

V: Not just any old watch, no. They can go up to in excess of £50,000 maybe. Maybe more.

JO: Do you think they sell many of those a week?

V: Maybe. I would say so, yes.


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