Ahmed, Nafeez

Anderson, Kevin

Curtis, Mark

Graeber, David

Higgins, Polly

Hopkins, Rob

Monbiot, George

Pettifor, Ann

Pilger, John

Raworth, Kate

Sayer, Andrew

Simms, Andrew


Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Centre for Alternative Technology

Friends of the Earth


Green New Deal Group

Green Party England Wales

Labour Party

New Economics Foundation

New Weather Institute

occupy London

People and Planet

Plaid Cymru

Post Keynesian Economics Society


Real Farming Trust

Rewilding Association

Scottish National Party

Socialist Workers Party

Transition Network

Tyndall Centre

Women’s Equality Party



Bello, Walden

Hedges, Chris

Klein, Naomi

McKibben, Bill

Nader, Ralph

Pope Francis (2015)  ‘Laudato Si’

Ripple et al (2017) ‘World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity : A Second Notice’

Rockstrom, J

Shiva, Vandana

Steffen, Alex

Varoufakis, Yanis

West, Cornell

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Climate Central

Club of Rome

Democracy Now!


Economists for Peace and Security

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Next System Project

Stockholm Resilience Centre

The Climate Mobilization

The Real News Network

Transnational Institute

Union of Concerned Scientists






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And The Weak Must Suffer What They Must? (2016)

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Why It’s Still Kicking Off Everywhere (2013)

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