This website presents some of my work to understand and convey how two systems work and have evolved – the Earth System and the Human System – and, in the latter case, how things need to change.

My current efforts include a consolidation of my framework of understanding; figuring out how to monitor current affairs globally, nationally, and locally, with a regular broadcast or publishing format in mind;  curating a personal selection of media productions (inc publications) which tell the story; producing outdoor and indoor exhibitions and presentations; a manuscript for a book to accompany the Regional Rides podcast series; and, I hope, some new institutions, especially an Earth Centre Network and Local Media Network.

I am a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute and a member of the Green Party of England and Wales. My formal education includes an MSc in International Public Policy Analysis, and a BSc in Economics and Politics, both awarded by the University of Bath.

Email : jonathanoates74@gmail.com | Mobile : +44 (0)7494 547 953