Tuesday 27th September 2022


Up 07 30. Congestion.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; toast with butter; muesli.

Showered and shaved; pumiced foot. Dressed.

Thought about jobs and structure working week. Wrote to Holburne Museum.

Elevenses : coffee.

Attended appointment with EA at Northgate House (Seetec Pluss). Reviewed plan, discussing possible options in NHS and elsewhere. Discussed jobs at ONS had found, mentioning analyst groups in Civil Service and CPD associated with each pathway; laggard in Civil Service in CPD is DWP apparently (until more recently).

Walked to Bath City College to book appointment as call not returned, finding UCU picket line which joined. Good atmosphere inc good playlist/sound system. Well attended. Did some leafleting, also talking to members about pay and conditions, and some students.


Lunch : minestrone soup; bread. New windows being fitted to studio upstairs (presumably double glazing going in).

Went out to avoid noise, seeing colleague in town who invited me to event at CEC pop up, and visiting charity shops, Specsavers where enquired about eye tests on NHS, and Rymans where bought pens on offer.

Tea : grapes; black tea.

Attended appointment with GP at Heart of Bath practice in Lansdown. ‘Bankrobber’ by The Clash in Waiting Room. Spent 30 minutes with GP, working through list I had prepared : agreed would continue monitoring gut discomfort after January examination (he did not ask to examine himself); IAPT (online resource gateway to possible services) suggested for mental ill health and neurodiversity questions (confirmed I did not have persistent suicidal thoughts); discussed congestion post-suspected COVID-19 in the summer and athlete’s foot (foot photographed), agreeing take samples for foot/nail and blood test in case oral medicine required. Left surgery with sample containers, agreeing with receptionist to drop in by closing time. Returned by closing time to discover last collection time is 13 30.

Went to Waitrose for food. Spoke Security Guard recommending Crouching Tiger etc after he said he liked kung fu films.


Supper : piperade; bread.

Watched All Quiet on the Western Front.

Turned in.