Wednesday 21st September 2022


Up 08 30. Congestion.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (almond milk). Leaders’ Debate at UNGA : footage of Presidents Colombia, Bolivia, Honduras.

Worked on LFE. Did dishes, went to bathroom and showered.

Elevenses : coffee. ‘Marx’ apparently trending on Twitter (11.2k); ‘Meghan Markle’ (20.7k). Russian government introduced conscription apparently. Watched little footage funeral : pipes and drums.

Continued working as above.


Lunch : aloo gobi; naan. Read address to GA of UN Secretary General. Nominations for PPCs (Bathnes Green Party) extended 2 weeks as no female candidates. Compared feed in Twitter to that in Tweetdeck, noting differences.

Went into town centre visiting charity shops (DVDs) where told staff about EiE; Bath City College, noting telephone number for making appointments for free hair cut; and Leisure Centre to find out about possible membership (e.g. gym). Spoke to young professional fundraiser working for One Sixty International on behalf of Young People v Cancer, hearing about organisation and that she was trying learn not be too negatively affected by public responses (mostly ignoring her on day).

Tea : black tea. Phone Bath Academy leaving message requesting call back.



Supper : bombay mix; aloo gobi; naan. Unrest in Iran reported apparently following killing of woman in custody.

Watched The Pink Panther.

Turned in.