Sunday 25th September 2022


Up 08 20. Difficult dreams. Congestion. Workmen clonking around from 08 00.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy milk). Apparently Fridays for Future Global Strike Friday (had forgotten after seeing mention some time ago). NEU balloting for strike action. Closed window at rear.

Looked for jobs on Civil Service jobs site. Low pay PT Field Officer job requiring own vehicle. Felt trapped. Woman threw up at rear.

Attended rally by Bath Extinction Rebellion at Bath Spa station, accompanying friend to Royal Victoria Park to collect his luggage before returning to station to catch his train, passing march en-route.

Went to Waitrose, mentioning EiE to member staff.


Lunch : pizza; salad. Took deep breath and opened water bill : in credit (as last time).

Worked on CSR.

Tea : grapes; black tea.

Continued working on CSR.


Supper : koftas; bread; salad. Shut window as motorist on phone (loudspeaker). Watched NTAMS.

Online before turning in.