Saturday 24th September 2022


Up 08 20. Spoke friend.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy milk). Shut window as cold on legs.

Joined friend and walked to Farmers’ Market, and then where I supposed Argos to be (persuaded to buy a Crockpot) but which had long since closed.

Elevenses : coffee (courtesy friend). Looked at state financial markets together.

Walked down to Great Bath Feast to see what was what, inspecting stalls and taking it in, including those sat on street as usual, in their usual spots. Friend bought olive oil.


Lunch : bread; olive oil; red wine.

Spent afternoon with friend at apartment, skipping tea in favour long, late lunch.

Went to Waitrose for food, buying reduced lamb koftas and flat bread.


Supper : lamb koftas; bread.

Cleaned and tidied kitchen, thinking about life and friend.

Watched Episode 1 of The Labour Files by Al Jazeera.

Turned in.