Friday 23rd September 2022


Up 08 25. Difficult dreams. Congestion. Cut ankle somehow.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy). Watched Climate Uncensored interview with Greta Thunberg and Kevin Anderson. Closed window : chainsawing. Did dishes, cutting thumb.

Worked on CSR, listening to Prem Sikka on the NTAMS. Some energy companies making 40% profit.

Elevenses : coffee.

Continued working on CSR. Went to Waitrose for food, buying pasta on offer.


Lunch : pasta; salad. Water bill arrived.


Tea : grapes; water.

Continued work on CSR, listening to Jacobin production.


Supper : pasta; salad. Sterling down significantly, and long gilt yields up.

Wrote to BathNES Council manager regarding position. Searched through BathNES jobs on site, selecting a number and investigating job description. Wrote progress report for EA and WC and sent as usual.

Thought about life.

Online before turning in. Took paracetamol to avoid developing headache.