Tuesday 20th September 2022


Up 08 15. Woken after midnight by shouting. Congestion; discomfort in gut. Works and scaffolders afoot.

Breakfast : coffee; muesli (almond milk).

Checked Universal Credit and Seetec Pluss systems to confirm appointments, seeing that booked at 10 30 and 11 00 and therefore not workable. Sent messages to EA and WC to explain and to invite alternatives. WC opted not to meet, satisfied at progress, and EA preferred a phonecall to a physical meeting, in the afternoon to boot.

Went bathroom, showered, shaved, and trimmed beard. Did dishes.

Getting worked up at sanding furniture at rear (outside garage rather than inside), raised voices of scaffolders, and music (radio) at a volume associate with live events. Decided hoover amd tidy up, sweeping carpet to collect hair.

Elevenses : coffee.

Continued with housework. Still wound up : hoover ineffective; nowhere to dry clothes etc, etc. Went to Waitrose for food, buying pizza on offer and reduced salad. Spoke friend who said mutual friend engaged. Encountered neighbour on return who was trying marshal furniture and effects which had arrived. Offered help but politely declined.


Lunch : pizza; salad.

Spoke to EA (Seetec Pluss) on telephone as arranged. Allowance not made for day lost to State Funeral seemingly, compressing two days of appointments into one. Compared notes on progress, EA mentioning that job opening at SP in due course if of interest.

Went out to convey Green Party banners to colleague as agreed; she bought tea and ice cream at Walcot St cafe where we caught up and discussed political situation, national and local.

Tea : ice cream; tea (courtesy colleague).

Worked on LFE. Neighbour distressed at losing something.


Supper : pizza; salad.

Online before turning in.