Monday 19th September 2022


Up 08 45. Congestion. Works outside at rear.

Breakfast : coffee; muesli (dairy). State Funeral today : Bank Holiday apparently. Trouble in Leicester seemingly courtesy Hindu groups (v Muslims). Liverpool dockers out today. Footage Met Police tackling and assaulting a rollerblader approaching Royal convoy. Puerto Rico without power following hurricane.

Worked on LFE. Listened Dr Gabor Mate on Democracy Now.

Elevenses : coffee.

Went out for food, finding Waitrose and Sainsburys shut, and using independent shop instead, buying lavash, baby cucumber, goat’s cheese.


Lunch : lavash with cucumber and cheese.


Tea : melon; black tea.

Continued working on LFE.


Supper : lavash with cucumber and cheese. Smoke in studio.

Returned to shop buying cocoa. Saw colleagues. Exchanged few words with neighbour about scaffolding outside bloc before entering. Shredder plugged in outside door to studio again.

Watched The Devil Wears Pravda.

Took cup cocoa, turning in soon after.