Saturday 10th September 2022


Up 08 20. Difficult dreams. Disturbed 07 00 by workman in van playing radio (inside cabin). Congestion; headache.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; toast with butter; muesli (dairy). HMG apparently rejected call by Work and Pensions Ctte to raise benefits and pensions in line with inflation. Spoke friend.

Joined friend for walk to Farmers’ Market, passing Bath Abbey en route, open for mourning/signing book condolences for Her Majesty the Queen. Took coffee at Society Cafe in Kingsmead Square before accompanying friend to shops.

Elevenses : coffee (courtesy friend).

Watched half of rather casual parade of Janeites in period costume through town centre. Reminded of proposal for New Year Parade had put to Bathnes Council in late 2000s.


Enjoyed glass or two of wine at friend’s apartment and bite to eat.

Lunch : bread with olive oil; red wine (courtesy friend).

Went to Waitrose for food, seeing friend and acquaintance, and buying pizza on offer, salad, and plant based ice cream.

Tea : water. Watched footage fans somewhere chanting ‘Lizzy’s in a box.’

Worked on CSR : adjusted tension rods and trimmed voiles to dress windows with voiles.


Supper : pizza; salad. Footage King Charles irritated by position of ink well on desk and signalling to staff to deal with it.

Continued with CSR, moving furniture around.

Online before turning in.