Monday 12th September 2022


Up 08 45. Congestion; discomfort in gut. Works outside. Footsteps on scaffolding planks.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy). ‘Her enduring legacy includes hope and solidarity, as symbolised by the double rainbow above Buckingham Palace shortly after the announcement of her death.’ Caroline Lucas MP (sole Green MP). Defence given was possible to recognise commitment and diligence notwithstanding bad structure (institution/occupation). Would we say it of Hitler or Al Capone? Not my view.

Worked on CSR.

Elevenses : coffee. Reported income and expenses to Universal Credit system. Spilled coffee over diary/notebooks, fortunately missing laptop.

Went to town, shopping in charity shops and Waitrose.


Lunch : quiche; salad; water. Far right apparently in ascendant in Swedish elections. Laundry on.


Tea : ice-cream; black tea. Hung laundry out to dry.

Worked on TNS. Checked Cooperative Bank website : ‘We are incredibly saddened …’


Supper : minestrone soup; bread and butter.

Continued working on TNS.

Online before turning in.