Tuesday 6th September 2022


Up 08 25. Difficult dreams. Congestion.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; toast; muesli (almond milk). UCU members striking (Further Education).

Did dishes,and watched Democracy at Work’s Economic Update on socialism/communism distinction. Went to bathroom and showered. Spoke friend.

Elevenses : coffee.

Published TNS.


Lunch : bread with hummus; salad. Spoke friend.


Tea : ice-cream; black tea. More discussion online Joe Lycett on BBC show (affecting support for new Prime Minister).

Met friend for catch up at The Raven, over an ale (courtesy friend). Felt bad as had brought me spare slow cooker to use and declined as looked too small. Shopped for food in Waitrose en route home, buying reduced burgers.


Supper : pea protein burgers in a bun; coleslaw (courtesy friend). Wrong side of 47c in coastal California apparently.

Published TNS. Tired by 21 00.

Turned in.