Sunday 4th September 2022


Up 08 30. Difficult dreams. Congestion.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; toast with butter. Assembly of 75,000 reported in Prague regarding energy. 58% UK teachers feeding hungry pupils apparently. Received invitation to consider candidacy (MP) as BathNES Green Party member.

Worked on LFE : looked through ONS article on leisure time. Shut kitchen window due to chainsawing. Showered and shaved.

Elevenses : coffee; cherry pie with cream.

Continued working on LFE.


Lunch : bread with hummus. Discussion online of appearance of comedian on new flagship BBC weekend broadcast. Noticed neighbour entered bloc who must have key and presume represents the ‘Management Company’.

Did dishes before heading into town where looked for clothes and bought reduced breaded haddock and a Mohito in a can in M&S. Good performance of Massenet piece by busking violinist by the Abbey.

Tea : cherry pie with cream; black tea. Closed rear window due to van engine running at rear.

Felt unwell so took a nap. Van engine still running when woke.


Supper : bread with hummus.

Spoke to friend. Some gut discomfort LHS which guess might be to do with sourdough bread.

Online before turning in.