Friday 9th September 2022


Up 08 30. Difficult dreams. Congestion; headache. Works at front of building.

Breakfast : coffee; muesli (almond milk). Buzz at door : delivery for neighbour who answered as I did. Put bins out. Frustrated at seeing tweets by ‘follows’ of those I follow. Laundry on. Decided do away with old socks most of which holed or shrunken or both.

Worked on LFE and TNS backlog.

Elevenses : coffee.

Searched for jobs/self-employments.


Lunch : pizza; salad. Hung laundry to dry.


Tea : apple; black tea. HOC suspended until two days after state funeral apparently. TUC Congress suspended.

Spoke friend.


Supper : pizza; salad.

Updated CV and sent with covering message to NHS address given. Did progress report and sent to EA, copying to Universal Credit system as usual.

Online before turning in.