Wednesday 31st August 2022


Up 08 30. Difficult dreams. Congestion.

Breakfast : coffee; granola (oat milk).

Received call from SEA (Seetec Pluss) with apology and to say email on way.

Went to bathroom and dressed. Ambience crew arrived; truck displaying ad for ‘Gardeners’.

Attended CWU picket on Manvers Street. Well supported again except by woman living opposite saying that disturbed by honking (motorists and drivers expressing support). Discussed local conditions, behaviour of managers and general political situation with CWU members, one of whom used to work as post-doc at University of Bath (a published mid-career academic), quitting to join Royal Mail (as a postman) and earning more in so doing. Said how personally encouraged by actions of CWU, RMT et al and grateful for that. Joined CWU members for photographs by Bath Spa station before returning to Manvers Street, seeing colleague met on RMT picket line, and departing around midday. Larger police presence this time. Encountered a colleague on Broad Street who said Enough is Enough event being organised locally soon.


Lunch : Pizza; parsley. .


Went to ATMs at Waitrose (out of action) and then Lloyds Bank on Green Street to draw out £30 owed friend for emergency shop during my last bout COVID-19. Met said friend for coffee (courtesy friend) at The Loft where caught up on personal matters, before discussing political situation. ‘Where is the opposition?’ he asked. Shared what I knew of EiE, Don’t Pay UK, and the new direct action initiative.

Parted company and toured the town centre, noting kinds of establishments, and some cases, walkable from Lansdown.

Tea : grapes; water; black tea.

Thought about life.


Supper : pizza; parsley; ice-cream.

Thought about life.

Turned in.