Friday 2nd September 2022


Up 08 30. Congestion; discomfort gut.

Breakfast : orange juice; coffee; muesli (dairy). Paid rent. 125,000 odd vacancies in NHS. Shocking footage Argentinian VP apparently narrowly avoiding assassination. Reported that John Lewis worst (recorded) minimum wage offender in UK.

Went to bathroom; showered. Laundry on : towels.

Searched for jobs, failing find notes made earlier in week and trying reprise from memory. Searched through Bath Spa University and National Trust which is large landowner locally.

Elevenses : coffee.

Continued searching as above.


Lunch : spiced chipolatas; couscous; beetroot salad. Hung towels to dry.


Tea : grapes; black tea. Footage XR action inside main chamber House of Commons.

Continued searching for jobs as above.

Went to M&S and Waitrose buying moules, frozen fries, reduced mousse, nuts. Had to explain to woman in queue why had not proceeded as far as next person (there was ample room). ‘Shall I go ahead?’ ‘No.’ Said hello to same acquaintance saw on street previously, noticing when turned head that face bloodied with bad cut over his eye. Was asking what he was going to do when three young persons turned up. ‘Who did that?’ Left it to them (and him).


Supper : moules et frites; salad; mousse.

Worked on LFE.

Online before turning in.