Tuesday 30th August 2022


Up 07 45. Congestion. Spoke friend. Noticed two green bins behind bloc bins at rear.

Breakfast : toast with butter; coffee; granola (oat milk). Average waiting time for ambulances more than 1hr now apparently.

Went to bathroom, showered, and pumiced right foot. Infection crept round side right foot. Dressed ready for appointment.

Attended appointment with EA at Northgate House (Seetec Pluss). Warned by outbound woman that Phil Collins playing in offices. Ran through latest developments with EA. Advised that more likely find jobs working mornings Monday-Friday rather than one or two weekdays. Discussed merits or not of couriering and care work as options. Good feedback on self-employment meeting. Fixed date next appointment before leaving.

Changed and cooled off. Did some slow-cooker research following friend’s suggestion. Noticed box salt wet through somehow. Closed window as motorist idling outside.

Elevenses : coffee. CWU members on strike today (BT/Openreach). Spoke friend and agreed join at midday.

Worked on LFE, looking at media consumption. Dressed and packed adjustable wrench for friend, joining him at apartment.


Lunch : crab ravioli; salad (courtesy friend).

Waited with friend and caught up until removal team arrived to transport cooker to boat. Accompanied in car and assisted removal team and friend with cooker, including aboard and below deck; one of team found being on/near water very difficult though managed get aboard with help. Helped friend turn and moor boat.

Tea : coffee.

Got lift back into town where parted.


Supper : pizza; ice-cream. Tired.

Spoke friend.

Online before turning in.