Monday 29th August 2022


Up 09 00. Spoke friend to confirm not needed Monday.

Breakfast : coffee; toast with butter.

Spoke friend.

Worked on LFE. Did fingernails, went bathroom, shaved and showered. Plugged beard trimmer in to charge.

Elevenses : water. Decided to buy dark boxer shorts to supplement wardrobe.

Went to M&S buying above. Staff member advised me use e-wallet (phone) as more secure than card. Bought fruit on way out.


Lunch : gazpacho; biscuits with cheese.


Tea : nectarine; grapes; black tea. DWP regime being tightened apparently.

Worked on LFE. Trimmed beard.


Supper : gazpacho; biscuits with cheese. Shut window as motorist idling outside and car sounding horn continuously somewhere nearby. Quite wound up.

Went for walk to Sainsburys to buy ice-cream. Approached by young woman outside main entrance who said she was homeless, tired, hungry. Asked her about what she might do – an acquaintance of hers standing nearby (who used her name) said she herself had waited 20 years to be housed – and said I’d think about it when she asked me for £5 ‘for good karma.’ Found ice cream and decided would offer her one of the four pots in the pack; she had gone by the time I came out.

Ate ice cream as cooled off.

Online before turning in.