Sunday 28th August 2022


Up 09 00. Congestion.

Breakfast : coffee; granola (oat milk).

Went bathroom and dressed.

Went Waitrose, noticing recycling bin and bag had been removed from near entrance to block. Left note for neighbours on new noticeboard with note apology if offence caused by putting bins there temporarily and requesting communication if help needed or concerns to be raised in future. Took meter readings.

Elevenses : coffee. Paid last energy bill and submitted readings. 40 units electricity used and 8 units gas.

Online before lunch.


Lunch : gazpacho; biscuits with cheese.


Tea : ice cream; black tea.

Spoke friend.

Published TNS entries.


Supper : gazpacho; biscuits with cheese. Cigarette smoke in studio.

Published more TNS entries. Smoke in studio. Moth flew in kitchen window : first large moth to visit this year (few nocturnal insects about).

Thought about life until turning in late.